Please note details regarding flights to and from Eilat  during the ISFN annual meeting.

In order to enable the participants to participate in the Plenary Symposium which will take place on Tuesday, 8 January, from 13: 00-17: 30, we have made reservations for two flights:

100  seats on Arkia flight from Eilat to Ben-Gurion Airport, 8 January at 19:00 at a cost of 210 NIS

30  seats  on Israir flight from Eilat to Sde Dov, 8 January at 19:15 at a cost of 230 NIS.

To book only these two flights, please fill the form and send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Flight reservation will only be possible for those registered for the meeting.

Please fill the enclosed form and return it by e-mail. The reservation will be made according to the receiving order. We will notify you when all the seats have been reserved or if more seats will be allocated.

Phone orders will not be accepted and incomplete forms will not be processed.

In addition, other flights can be booked direct from ARKIA reservation center - 03-7230820 as per the following prices:

Wednesday / Friday / Sunday / Monday / Tuesday from Tel Aviv to Eilat

Thursday / Friday / Monday/ Tuesday from Eilat to Tel Aviv

Ben Gurion Airport - NIS 199

Sde dov Airport - NIS 249  

Thursday from Tel Aviv to Eilat / Saturday + Sunday from Eilat to Tel-Aviv

Ben Gurion Airport - NIS 249

Sde dov Airport - NIS 289

The rate will be open based on available space on the flights.

Customers should identify themselves as an ISFN member in order to receive a reduced rate.

Payment is due upon reservation.