1. Please note that the size of the Poster Board is 90cm x 200cm
  3. Username: is your first name as you entered it in the members information form
  4. Password: any combination of letters and numbers (no less than 8 characters up to 10 characters). Please do not use your first name as password.
  5. If you have just joined the ISFN (Member Registration), you have to wait for your membership request to be approved (it may take up to 3 days). Only after approval you may continue with registration to attend the Meeting.
  6. If you logged out after registration, you must log in again. When you log in, your details will appear on the screen. Now you can continue by clicking on Abstract Submission and/or Hotel Reservation..
  7. You may continue to edit your abstract(s) (use the "Edit" function) until the deadline when abstract submission will be closed..
  8. Credit card payments only. Separate payment for each abstract.
  9. Abstract submission is limited to three abstracts per single registration
  10. Support for students:

    In addition to a lower registration fees and reduced Hotel accommodation rates, ISFN supports students and post-docs who present their work at the meeting. This support will be done by paying directly to the Hotel half of the accommodation expenses, based on 308 shekels per presenting student per night out of the two nights of the meeting