We are looking for a project manager for our project in Ethiopia: "project eye opener".  This is a worldwide unique project that combines a humanistic goal and an ambitious scientific agenda.  The project, which has been founded 7 years ago, is focused on finding children who have been blind due to congenital cataracts, and due to poor medical resources have not been treated since birth.  The cataract-afflicted children typically remain blind due to lack of diagnosis and medical care and all too often die before reaching adulthood.  Our project finds these children, makes sure they get surgery, & follows their visual development.  This allows studying the bottlenecks for visual functional recovery, and developing a theory of visual development in such circumstances. Eventually, we aim to come up with the best rehabilitation strategies, given our improved understanding of the limitations due to their condition.  

If you wish to learn more, please  have a look at our website: https://www.project-eyeopener.org/

This is a grand project, which is growing in size.

We are looking for a person that will be able to manage this. The ideal candidate should have the following skills:

1) A PhD in vision science, cognitive psychology,  systems neuroscience or related fields (e.g. sensory systems).  

2) Basic technical skills (e.g. in  visual psychophysics, software writing: matlab or python, and recording techniques: EEG , eye-tracking, etc.).

3) Ability to handle uncertainty and get things done in difficult situations   (as is the usual case in Ethiopia: power failure, problems with transportation, etc).

4) High social capabilities, as you need to interact and motivate the local crew and the kids in Ethiopia.

5) Good managing skills, to make sure that the annual trips for data collection, are well planned and meticulously organized.

The person will make 2-3 10-day trips a year for data collection. The rest of the work will be based in the Hebrew University.

The job is based on a soft money position. I currently have secured money for this position for at least 3 years.  Securing money for the period after this is probably very likely: We already raised more than 2.5 M euro for this project  in the last 7 years.

Please contact Prof. Ehud Zohary at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  if you are interested. You will need to supply at least 2 names of people who can give you a recommendation. No need for official letters at this point. The position is immediately available.