Joy aims to support and promote the emerging field of neuro-wellness.
We are interested in research efforts that potentially impact human performance and well-being, improve regulation of emotions in personal and social context and increase mental and physical resilience under challenge – which are all different aspects of neuro-wellness.
Neuro-wellness focuses on the research of improving or enhancing the resilience of the healthy brain towards stress, emotional imbalance and instability, and understanding their underlying mechanisms. Joy’s ultimate goal is to cultivate the advancements in neuroscience, related fields and technology for improving the everyday human experience and well-being by enhancing mental resilience and reducing mental vulnerability and allowing people to cope beneficially with difficulties and challenges of daily life.
Joy’s long-term goal is to create solutions catering individuals directly, with no need for FDA clearance or medical guidance/supervision
We are interested in research projects that will study different ways to effectively and safely stimulate the nervous system in non-invasive ways.
The ultimate applicative target of the stimulation would be a non-clinical, generally healthy, human population, with the aim of claiming/proving mood enhancement or regulation.
The successful candidate will be provided with fellowship funding as well as academic hosting and industry-oriented mentorship.
Joy Post Doctorate Call for Research Proposals We are looking for outstanding research proposals concerning methodological, in-depth study of one of the sensory-based or other neuromodulation techniques.

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