The Adelis foundation invites research proposals by outstanding young investigators, whose achievements and vision in brain research would make them suitable candidates for the 2018 Adelis Brain Research Award.
This $100,000 Award is to recognize and support research performed in Israel, which will significantly advance our knowledge and understanding of the brain in health and disease.
This Award is intended for young Israeli researchers, (PhD or MD), who hold a Tenure Track academic position in an Israeli University or Research Institute, for more than one year and less than 7 years.
The Award is limited to applicants who live and work in Israel, and the proposed research should be performed in Israel.
The winning candidate will be selected by a committee of distinguished experts in brain research.
Candidates for the Research Award must apply with the following documents: CV,  List of publications, Recommendation letters (2-3),  A research proposal (no more than 5 pages), including planned timetable, budget and preliminary results (if applicable)  Where relevant, approval by the Institutional Review Board regarding the ethics of the study to : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in separate PDF files for each item.
For further questions or clarifications, please contact: Dov: 050-6293006, or Jessica: 052-4040010.
The deadline for submission of applications is: 31.12.2017. The Award Ceremony will take place around mid 2018.